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padding If you have a technical query please check the frequently asked questions below to see if they can offer a solution to your problem. Click on the question to reveal the answer:

Why is the vehicle registration showing up blank or with question marks?

This indicates that the tachograph unit itself has not been correctly programmed. You will need to contact your installer/service centre to have it adjusted.

On running EasyTac downloader why do I get the message "No smartcard readers found. Please attach a smartcard reader if you wish to read tachograph cards."

EasyTac downloader has not detected a smartcard reader plugged into your PC. If you do not have or need a smartcard reader then to stop this message appearing you need to click 'Options…' in the View menu and turn off the 'Read cards automatically' option in the 'Card Reading' tab.

If you have a smartcard reader, check to see if the reader is plugged into the PC or try plugging the reader into another USB port. If this does not solve the problem try restarting your PC.

When I try to download my card I get a "Failed to read card…" message, what should I do?

It is likely that you have inserted another type of card, instead of a driver's card. Note that company cards do not store any tachograph activity data and cannot be downloaded.

When I try to download my driver's card I get an "Error reading card…" message, what should I do?

Check that you have inserted the card the correct way round and that the card contacts are clean.

If this problem persists you may have a faulty card, in which case you can request a replacement from your card issuer.

Can I move EasyTac to another computer?

Each copy of EasyTac is licensed to run on one computer. If you need to move the software to a new computer please follow the steps below to transfer your licence:

1. Open EasyTac on the computer that originally had it installed.

2. Click on Help -> Register for Support and fill in the registration form that opens.

3. Go back to EasyTac and click on Help -> About EasyTac...

4. Hold down the ALT key and press the L key.

5. Click yes to reset the licence and then insert the "Software Activation Card" into the smart card reader.

6. Uninstall EasyTac from the old computer.

7. Download and install the latest version of EasyTac from here.

8. Open EasyTac and insert your software activation card when prompted.

9. If you have internet access on your computer, choose the first option (online request). Otherwise, choose the second option (manual request).

10. After you submit your request with one of the two options, we normally reply with an email with your re-activation code by the end of the next business day.

11. When you have received this, open EasyTac, insert your software activation card, select the third option (code already received) and enter the re-activation code we have provided you.

Why do the displayed driving activity times not match the actual times the activities occurred?

This is because digital tachographs always record activity information using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and not the local time zone the vehicle is operating in. For maximum compliance EasyTac displays all recorded data from your digital tachograph in its original format.

How do I move my tachograph files from my old computer to my new one?

If you can access EasyTac on your old PC, then you can use the "Backup Data" button at the top to save all of your files to the location of your choosing. If not, you will have to copy your data off of your old computer manually. The default path for the data directory is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\EasyTac\ on Windows XP and before and C:\ProgramData\Easytac on Windows Vista and later. You will want to copy both the "card" and "VU" folders on to a USB stick or similar portable storage.

Once you have the files on your new computer, you can use the "File" > "Import Files" > "Import Entire Folders" feature on the new computer to bring them back into EasyTac. You will need to be running the latest version of EasyTac to use this feature.

How do I remove old drivers or vehicles from EasyTac?

In EasyTac v2.5 and later, if you select a file in the file viewer window, there is a file task on the right side labelled "Remove file(s)". When you click on it, you will have the option to remove just the selected file, or all files for that driver or vehicle. EasyTac then moves the file(s) to a new folder called "deleted". That way they will not appear in EasyTac, but will be accessible in the future just in case.

If you wish to permanently delete these files, you will need to locate them on your hard drive through Windows explorer and manually delete them. The default path for the data directory is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\EasyTac\deleted on Windows XP and before, and C:\ProgramData\EasyTac\deleted on Windows Vista and later. If you decide to delete files from here, be careful that you will not need them in the future.

If these answers have not solved your problem contact us for further technical support.

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